Add an Adenium!


My Adenium plant bloomed after nearly two years, and I ‘ve decided it deserves a post of its own. If you have a sunshine-filled balcony, and are looking for a low-maintenance plant, the Adenium is a good idea.

Adenium Buds

Adenium Buds

Just make sure that you don’t over-water it (I think once in 2-3 days should do). The soil needs to be pretty well-drained, and you need to have a greater proportion of gravel and sand, than compost.
Starting to Bloom

Starting to Bloom

The plant looks beautiful in slightly flat containers, with the root structure exposed (it has a thick and fleshy trunk).  Even when the Adenium does not flower, it still looks like a little bonsai – with little effort at your end. Consider having some decoration around the container, maybe white or colourful stones/pebbles.

Fleshy roots make for ready Bonsai!

Fleshy roots make for ready Bonsai!

Come to think of it – You can in fact have a complete adenium corner – if you are lucky to have the space.

When we went to Puducherry a couple of years ago, I remember seeing Adeniums growing everywhere around the resort – right around the rocks and landscaping. They look bright and beautiful on a rocky landscape.

I thought I almost lost my Adenium when it developed some white fungus around it. I cut off the diseased bits, sprayed some insecticide and it gradually grew the leaves back – though it did take a few long months – of me waiting to see whether I did the right thing. But the trunk always looked a little green and healthy, so I let it be. Now,  its healthy enough to flower.There are at least 6-8 blooms on my Adenium right now, and it’s still not stopped! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Adenium blooms in my balcony

Let me do more research on this and come back – on care and what works and what doesn’t.


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